Westport Author Emily Liebert’s New Book!

when we fallThere’s a new author in town!  Fiction writer Emily Liebert moved to Westport less than a year ago and has been shaking things up in the publishing world with her new book, “When We Fall.”  The book follows widow Allison Parker as she leaves New York City and settles in a leafy suburban town of Wincourt with her ten year old son. Determined to start life anew, Alison develops a friendship with the charming Charlotte Crain and begins to settle into the rhythm of their upscale community, until cracks in Charlotte’s perfect facade start to show…
Intrigued? So were we!  “When We Fall” is a compelling story that closely examines women’s relationships, insecurities, and ultimately, their undeniable strength.
This is Liebert’s third book, her first, “Facebook Fairytales” brought to light real-life stories of Facebook users who used the site to locate biological parents, relay messages to loved ones, and hunt down criminals – she even snagged an introduction from Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.  In her second book, “You Knew Me When,” she examines the depths of long-term friendships and the bonds that form between women.
We sat down with Liebert to learn a little about what she loves about living in Fairfield County, her writing process, and what’s next for this dynamic young author!
Fairfieldista: How long have you lived in Westport and what do you love about living here? 
Liebert: My family just moved to Westport at the end of December! There are so many things I love about living here—the beach is a big one! Also the fantastic restaurants. I’m obsessed with The Granola Bar and The Whelk. And I barely skip a day at Pure Barre Westport, where I get my workout on! Everyone has been so welcoming. We feel very fortunate. There’s always something to do, which I relish, because I’m someone who does not like to sit still.
Fairfieldista: Tell us about the setting for your new novel When We Fall…can we assume that it’s a fictionalized version of Westport? Will locals be able to read between the lines and spot some of their favorite locations?
Liebert:  I actually wrote When We Fall prior to moving to Westport, but the setting is certainly a fictionalized version of a suburban Manhattan town not unlike Westport! Stay tuned for the novel I’m working on now. In that, locals will definitely be able to read between the lines and spot some of their favorite locations and people. (And perhaps some of their not-so-favotire people!)
Fairfieldista: In both When We Fall and You Knew Me When, you explore women’s friendships and the changes they ultimately go through.  Why does this subject appeal to you, both as a writer and as a woman?
Liebert: I write about what I know and what I’m passionate about. I’ve always been interested in what makes women tick, why they choose the friends they do, and why some relationships work and others don’t. In both of my novels we see this firsthand. Women are often sensitive, emotional beings. Don’t piss us off!
Fairfieldista: As this is your third book, how has the writing process changed for you? 
Liebert: As I write each new book, I have a better understanding of the process and what to expect both from myself and my support team. That said, I’m a creature of habit. I always write for about four hours in the mornings after I drop my kids off at school and workout. That will never change!
Fairfieldista: There is an art to storytelling  – where do you think you developed this?
Liebert:  I have been a storyteller since I was a child. Very elaborate storytelling. I would come home from school or camp and regale my parents with every detail of my day, week, month. My parents and grandparents have always taught me to seek out various interests and to befriend people across all walks of life. And in doing so, I think my penchant for storytelling evolved.
Fairfieldista: Do you have a muse? What inspires you? 
Liebert: My family and friends inspire me. Success inspires me too. I always push myself to do better.
Learn more about Emily Liebert at her website, emilyliebert.com


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